Karnataka Home Minister Blames Women For Bangalore’s #NewYearHorror

It’s a shame that the city which calls itself a safer than other cities in the country, Bangalore on the eve of the New Year embarrassed us all with its horrific incidents of alleged mass molestation in its most popular streets. If that wasn’t bad enough, Bangalore’s home minister said ‘these things happen.’ In an incident where women were allegedly attacked, mobbed and molested by drunk men – ‘these things happen?’

Reacting to the reports, Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara blithely told a TV channel on Monday, said, “Such incidents do happen on New Year’s eve.”

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Yes he is damn confident about manning the places that required attention, yet such statement is a flaw that shows how weak our law and order could be. The complacency authorities exercise has been dealt with irresponsibility.

Parameswara added, “Unfortunately, what is happening is that on days like New Years, Brigade Road, Commercial Street, or MG road, a large number of youngsters gather. And youngsters were almost like Westerners. They tried to copy the Westerners, not only in their mindset but even in their dressing. So some disturbance, some girls are harassed…these kind of things do happen,” reported by Hindustan Times.

Bangalore Women Disgust The Mass Molestation Incidents Happened On New Year’s Eve

Did I read that right? According to our Home Minister, the molestation happened that day because of us, because of our westernise lifestyle!! Cmon, not only is your statement offensive to women but it belittles the entire horrific incident into an issue of ‘western influence’ – you think this is a joke? Imagine if you daughter was in there? What’s wrong in celebrating a night out with family and friends? And does one go there imagining a mob like this would break out and molest us?

“We had deployed 1600 police personnel in the area for new year’s celebrations and around 60,000 people had come there that night. But we had the situation under control,” he said. Clearly the police was clueless and helpless. What kind of precautions were these if women were molested?

“…if such incidents did take place that night we urge people to come forward and file complaints,” he added.

Reportedly, 1,500 policemen were guarding the places where the incidents happened. If the home minister and law enforcement were aware of the situation that it take place in every year in certain locations, then why a stronger and prepared team wasn’t there to protect the women?

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Sadly, when I got in touch with some of my friends in the city, I happened to know that not a first time, Bangalore is showing such ugly colours. While I am glad this time the incidents have gone reported. A lot of people say earlier these have happened and almost nothing has made headlines.

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