It’s been more than a couple of days now, but the conversation doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to a cease. Salman Khan created a furore with his statement that after filming action sequences for Sultan he felt like a ‘raped woman’, and while he is busy in Spain preparing for his performance at the IIFA awards, actress Kangana Ranaut who is known to speak her mind,  finally took a clear position on the issue.

Talking to the media on Wednesday at one of the promotion events, she said:

We all agree that it is a horrible thing to say. It’s extremely insensitive but I’d also like to say that we shouldn’t encourage the tendency to point fingers at each other and feel superior by pulling each other down. As a society, we have to take responsibility and stand united. This is disgraceful for a society, not an individual. We collectively feel sorry for that thought process.

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My take:

Finally, someone who makes some sense. It’s a more deeper lying problem if we, as members of a collective society are so casual about using a rape analogy. Over-competitive media houses might like to over sensationalize the issue to grab eyeballs, but somewhere in the process, they lose out on what is the true underlying cause.

Just to put it clearly, this was not a message of condemnation. Kangana’s comment was about how we are failing as a society, with our consciousness so distorted, that our focus is on the speaker, rather than the subject matter. Rape is not casual, it is something all of us need to reflect upon in individual capacity, rather than dissing a celebrity for a brief slip.

And to the Salman lovers- this slip of tongue is not funny, or harmless. It is reflective of our casual attitude, which shows in our own choice of words. While the National Commission of Women was swift to seek an apology from the star, it failed to set up a committee to reflect upon ways in which we can address the issue of a misogynist society at large.

Additionally, popular actress Renuka Shahane, fondly remembered as Salman’s bhabhi in the blockbuster Hum Aapke Hain Kaun also tweeted the following on her social media account (DNA reports). This tweet was later taken down, for reasons unknown, though understood.

There is no consent in rape. There is consent in acting & actors are also paid for it. A rape victim has to pay forever! Be human please! — renuka shahane (@renukash) June 21, 2016

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