Kangana-Sadhguru Controversy Refuses To Die Down On Social Media

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Kangana-Sadhguru Controversy: Kangana Ranaut called out to the critics of Sadhguru’s recent tweet, “feminine is not a gender- it is a dimension” on 8th March. Why won’t netizens take it easy on Kangana?

Kangana never shies away from speaking her mind. However, the actor has often been trolled for her statements and many have claimed them to be ‘provocative’ and this time wasn’t any exception.

What Was The Kangana-Sadhguru Controversy?

Sadhguru tweeted an image of himself holding on to a flower with the caption “Feminine is not a gender – it is a dimension; #SadhguruQuotes” on 8th March and faced massive trolling for the statement from netizens including filmmaker Hansal Mehta. However the Queen actor Kangana came to his rescue.

What did Kangana Ranaut Say?

Kangana replied to the trolls with a thread of tweets which read “Idiots who got rats IQ and worms existence are targeting Sadhguru for calling feminine a dimension, not a gender, they will be shocked to know they have Sun and moon,their mother and their father,masculine n feminine both dimensions within them.Fools stop embarrassing yourselves.”

Kangana further adds “It isn’t targeted harassment of an individual but of an institution, entire culture, religion and this nation, because Sadhguru represents ancient wisdom of Bharata and close to Shivratri worms and insects are going mad cause tomorrow is his favourite day he will celebrate Shiva.”

How Did The Internet React?

Kangana’s defending of Sadhguru was not at all taken positively and a number of netizens made memes out of the situation.

Some of the trolls read “why is she scaring youngsters,”, “Abusing is a dimension.” and “Is he the Hero in your next movie, the guy looks like he can make a wooden horse neigh.” and other rascist and sexist jokes. However, his supporters have been extremely sensitive about the trolls and showered love with positive tweets and called out the negative trolls.