Kangana Ranaut Tweets Deleted, Twitter Cites Rules Violation

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Kangana Ranaut tweets deleted: Some of Kangana Ranaut’s tweets were deleted by Twitter on Thursday. The social media site stated that the tweets violated its rules on hate speech. 

Kangana Ranaut had tweeted many posts about the farmers protest in India after some international celebrities started talking about the protests going on in India. Two of them were deleted by Twitter in the last two hours. 

The social media site said in a statement, “We have taken action on Tweets that were in violation of the Twitter Rules in line with our range of enforcement options.” 

One of her deleted tweets were a reply to Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma’s tweet in which he called for solidarity and unity during the farmers’ protest. Ranaut hit out at him calling him “dhobi ka kutta” one who can’t take a stand. 

Twitter had earlier suspended Kangana Ranaut‘s account when the actor talked about beheading certain television show producers.