Harris to stay at President’s Guest House as her Residence is renovated

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As her official residence is undergoing renovations, US Vice President Kamala Harris is temporarily residing at the historic Blair Building, which is the President’s Guest House. 

Why Blair Residence?

Residence Blair, the U.S. The President’s authorised guest house is positioned opposite the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The administrative building of the vice president is housed inside the Naval Observatory Complex and it over 7 kilometres from The White House.

U.S. Vice Chief Speaker Symone Sanders briefed reporters on Harris’ stay plan.

Sander’s Statement

“They are living there while repairs are done at the vice president’s residence at the Naval Observatory,” Sanders said.

Sunday, the Washington Post reported that crews at the 33-room home that was built in 1893 are working on new liners for the chimneys and other projects.

Founded as a private house in 1824, Blair House has been the guest house of the US President since 1942, where foreign dignitaries usually stay for visits.

More on Blair Building

In recent years, in this historic building that has 120 antique-filled rooms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and many other Indian leaders have lived.

The building is considered history and apparently many presidents have made a pitstop here. “It’s such a cosy and beautiful place. There is so much history here, and it tells the great story of our country. So many presidents have passed through that black and white marble threshold. Yes, it has a lot of square footage, but it feels like a home,” it was quoted as saying by Capricia Marshall, a former protocol chief and current board member of the Blair House Preservation Fund, was quoted as saying by The Washington Times.

U.S. President Joe Biden and the First Lady had spent the night before their inauguration at the Blair House.

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