Jwala Gutta Slams Troll For Calling Her Chinese Mother 'Anti-National'

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Jwala Gutta Slams Troll For Calling Her Chinese Mother 'Anti-National'

Ace shuttler and Arjuna awardee Jwala Gutta, who is often the target of trolls on social media, is this time facing criticism over her mother Yelan Gutta's nationality.


One random user stated on Saturday "Is it bcoz ur mother is from China thats y u oppose MODI everytime ?"

The two-time Olympian has voiced her opinion time and again and she is no less of a 'Boss' for the trolls. She is an expert in shutting down foul comments and those who try to get attention by targeting celebrities on social media platforms get a lesson for a lifetime.

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Jwala’s mother is Chinese and was born in Tianjin, China. She married Jwala’s father Kranti Gutta from Hyderabad, giving Jwala a Chinese-Indian lineage. While these days, Chinese incursions on Indian borders is making news, the commentator tried to break Jwala down by taking a dig at her Chinese roots.

But the reply he got will make him think twice before he talks next time.

The Twitterati went into a heated argument and the personal attacks ended with Jwala's smart answers.

According to him, Yelan is anti-Modi despite all the work the Prime Minister has been doing for this nation. Their Twitter banter soon turned into a serious lesson on upbringing when Jwala reminded that bringing her parents into this is not right, but the troll continued with his comments.

Jwala wrote back, "Firstly I've lost all respect for u!! So I don't think u will get any answer from me!! Secondly if u had any question..ask straight!!".

Then he went on to say: "With all due respect to ur parents ?. I am not questioning anyone. My intention (in fact I am eager) to know what makes her so Anti Modi."

The Indian shuttler was clearly miffed and threatened to block the user and fortunately that was the end of the conversation.

Well done Jwala! May you always call out such kind of misbehaviour!

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