Jolie Endorses New Fragrance, To Donate Proceeds To Charity

Ria Das
Jan 25, 2017 09:21 IST
Angelina Jolie Picture By: Azure Azure

Actress Angelina Jolie again proved that professionalism and personal affairs should not cross each other’s path. The actress just announced her first post-divorce project as she was unveiled as the face of French beauty brand Guerlain's new perfume.


Angelina is now the face of Guerlain's latest women's fragrance, Mon Guerlain, and will reportedly donate her entire income from the campaign to charity. The fragrance is set to debut in March.

“We create perfumes for the women we admire,” Jacques Guerlain said in a press release.


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Here is the Instagram post shared by Guerlain confirming the feature:

Angelina Jolie


The 41-year-old actress is appreciated worldwide for her human rights work and now she is associated with the 188-year-old brand and linking it to various charities, Guerlain confirmed to People.

Reportedly, Jolie’s beloved late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, was a big fan of the company's face powder, which eventually led her to sign the contracts, according to W Magazine.

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The star is known for her charitable works and without a doubt now when she’s a Guerlain face, she is happy to be handing her entire Mon Guerlain earnings to one of her own charities.

The mother of six is a Special Envoy for the UN Refugee Agency and has stayed mostly out of the spotlight to avoid media attention though she wasn't quiet successful and the entire episode of the divorce drama with estranged husband Brad Pitt became public.


Before Jolie, the brand’s last notable face was Hilary Swank, who appeared in ads for the beauty company back in 2007.

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Jolie had her last beauty campaign in ads for Shiseido in 2007 (only released in Japan). Since then and during the battle of divorce with Brad, she quietly stayed out of the frame for a while. She’s also fronted past fashion campaigns for Louis Vuitton and St. John, among others. Jolie and Pitt split in September.

Angelina has been going through a lot recently amidst the divorce and it’s nice to see that she’s is finally having a good time and continuing to live her life fabulously.


Can’t wait to see Angie rock the campaign!

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