Joe Biden To Reverse Ban On Funding Abortion Counselling In US

Joe Biden to reverse ban on funding abortion counselling,Joe Biden overturns trump ban
Joe Biden to reverse ban on funding abortion counselling: US President Joe Biden on Thursday is going to reverse the ban on the US funding the non-profit organisations who provide abortion counselling to people in the country.

Political experts are critically monitoring this move as the funding will no be available to international organisations working in the USA. Biden is going to reverse the ban as part of his healthcare policies under Obamacare initiative by the US government. In the wake of the pandemic, many Americans have lost their medical insurance and are grappling with healthcare issues, Biden is willing to restart the Obamacare program started by former US President Barack Obama which supports medical needs of people who do not have medical insurance. 

According to reports, the White House of the United States of America is going to release an executive order which will reopen the online health insurance named Obamacare. 

The government will initiate exchange on the same in the parliament on February 15 and it will go on for the next three months. Earlier under former US President Donald Trump, the US government had implemented a policy named Mexico City Policy which banned funding to international NGOs which offer abortion counselling or referrals to people. Joe Biden has decided to rescind the same. 

It has been seen that Republican Presidents in America always enact the Mexico City Policy and Democratic Presidents withdraw them. 

Furthermore, Biden has also asked his administration to review the rules under which Donald Trump’s administration blocked government-funded family planning clinics in America from referring women for abortions. 

In other news, Poland implanted a complete ban on abortions in the country. The controversial October ruling by a Polish court that prohibited abortions even in case of foetal complications, was justified by the government on Wednesday. Human rights groups in Poland have denounced the government order and activists have called for another round of protests in Warsaw.