Why Job-hopping in Your 20s is Perfectly Acceptable

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The concept of ‘job hopping’ is basically bouncing from job to job because of instability, lack of direction and an inability to hold a job for a decent time period. It usually draws negative stereotypes about millennials that they aren’t loyal to their jobs or are indecisive about their careers.

Here are a few reasons why it is absolutely okay to go job hopping when you’re in your twenties.

You only have to support yourself, financially

A good thing about the twenties is that you only have to take care of your own financial needs. Especially the for a couple of years after college. Hence, your salary wouldn’t be the most important thing on your list of priorities. So this is the perfect time for you to experiment with various jobs and figure out the best one. Once you’re comfortable with your job, you can then prioritise your salary as the next important thing.

You get to acquire new skills

More than anything else, job hopping is the perfect way to acquire new skills. Depending on your industry switching jobs will help you gain different skills and more than what you would’ve gained on the same job over a period of time.


Most of the people after graduating from college have no idea about what job they wish to pursue. Hence job hopping is the perfect way to deal with a career crisis. As it’ll only help you to figure out and bring you closer to your aim. There is no harm in hopping from one place to another if it’s going to help you in the long run. It’s just like internships that help you gain experience.

Different work cultures

When you switch from one job to another you realise that every place has a different work culture. Sometimes when people don’t want to risk switching jobs, they end up risking their health because of the work culture.

Your surroundings do have an impact on you personally and professionally as well. Job hopping will expose you to different work culture or environment to choose from.

Better earnings

Staying in the same job will tend to stagnate your earnings, whereas if you job hop, your earnings may show a rise because you can easily choose and apply for a job that pays more than the previous one. As a result, over the years, job hoppers will tend to earn more than someone who sticks around with the same job in the same industry.

Advancement in career

Bouncing from one place to another may not only lead to better earnings and improved resume, but will also help you grow and advance in your career faster. The acquisition of new skills, adapt to different work cultures, everything adds up to help you climb the professional ladder faster and more easily.

Job satisfaction

Last but not the least, job hopping will give you better job satisfaction and in the long run, job satisfaction is one of the most important priorities in one’s professional life. People usually get bored working with the same people. On the other hand, switching from one job to another over a period of a few years will help you make more contacts and experience a greater sense of fulfilment and accomplishment.

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Heena Mangani is an intern with SheThePeople.TV