Jharkhand: Father Kills Pregnant Daughter For Marrying Outside Caste

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In Jharkhand, a father killed his daughter for marrying outside the caste. The daughter was pregnant at that time say news agency reports.

Jharkhand: Father Kills Pregnant Daughter

The daughter was pregnant and had married out of their caste seven months ago. The accused’s wife told the police that her inter-caste marriage was the reason for the man’s anger.

Inspector Pankaj Kumar Jha who is the officer in charge of the Jharia police station reportedly said that an FIR has been lodged in the Govindpur police station. The Jharia Police is on the lookout for the accused.

Inspector Surendra Kumar Singh of Govindpur police station reported that the incident took place at around 6 pm on Wednesday.

The father who killed his pregnant daughter has been identified to be a farmer named Ram Prasad, a resident of Jharia township. He had reportedly taken his wife and daughter out from Jharia township to Govindpur Nawatand by an auto-rickshaw. the family was travelling to see farmland.

While the accused was showing the plot to the mother and daughter, he allegedly stabbed her in the neck with a sharp weapon many times. The mother stayed with her daughter and cried for help while the accused fled the spot.

Similar case

A couple from Kashipur in Uttarakhand was allegedly shot dead by the father and the brother. The couple Nazia and Rashid had eloped and got married against the wishes of her family. They were threatened by the father of the woman before the incident post-marriage.

According to reports, the woman’s family was against the union as the boy belonged to a different clan.

However, after some time, the father invited them to spend a few days at his home and told them that he no longer had anything against their marriage. Believing her father, Nazia had come home with Rashid a few days ago according to reports. The case had been registered.