Reality Star Jess Impiazzi Reveals She Tried Ending Her Life After Being Cheated On By Ex Husband

Reality star Jess Impiazzi has come out with a memoir, in which she opens up about dealing with mental health issues.

Vanshika Swami
Jan 14, 2021 09:41 IST
Jess Impiazzi

Trigger warning


Reality star Jess Impiazzi revealed that the end of 15-month-old marriage with the rugby player Denny Solomona was the lowest point in her life. When Impiazzi found out that her husband was cheating on her, she broke things off with him. The ordeal left her with suicidal thoughts.

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Writing in her latest memoir Silver Linings, Impiazzi opened up about discovering her ex-husband Denny's affair with another woman and the struggles she went through to cope up with his betrayal. Impiazzi also revealed that she was planning to start a family with her then-husband when she found out about his affair.


Impiazzi mentioned that she threw away her career, happiness, and self-esteem when she hit her lowest point. "I’d made such a stupid mistake. I completely blamed myself," she wrote. 

Reportedly, the couple was visiting Solomona's family in Melbourne when Impiazzi learned about the news. Soon after, she packed her bags and left him, spending time alone at an airport hotel.

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The reality television star also revealed that at one point she consumed several sleeping pills along with alcohol and passed out. "I was surprised that I woke up after taking those tablets." Impiazzi said, further adding, ''I realised this was my rock bottom, but it was my time to build myself again. There was no chance I'd live like that for all my life. Now I can see my own emotions clearly. And I've had no physical side-effects. I make sure I am fit and healthy."

In July last year, Impiazzi shared the cover of her book on Instagram, writing, "Change the “I’ll believe it when I see it” to “I’ll see it when I believe it”


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31-year-old Jess Impiazzi is a reality TV star and actor seen on shows such as Ex on the Beach and Bigg Brother. She has also starred in a horror film The Seven Film and independent film projects such as A Dangerous Game and R.I.A. Impiazzi was linked to actor Charlie Sheen back in 2016, but it has been clarified that the two are good friends.

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