Jemimah Rodrigues Hands Over The Cap To Yastika Bhatia With A Moving Speech

Jemimah Rodrigues and Yastika Bhatia
The match between Australia and India, where Jemimah Rodrigues showed promising performance has currently been halted due to rains. Yastika Bhatia is set to make her debut in the Indian Women’s Cricket Team. Rodrigues was seen giving a speech of encouragement to Yastika Bhatia while handing over the cap to Bhatia.

Reminiscing about their old days together, Rodrigues said that it was a memorable day for Yastika Bhatia as well as for her as they had known each other for many years. Joking about how Bhatia has always been taller than her, Jemimah talked about witnessing Bhatia score her first 50 against Australia and feeling very proud of how fast she has come almost as if she had mentored her all these years when she hadn’t.

She added how she had seen Bhatia grow up and their experiences always opening together for West Zone whenever they had played and also they had always won together. She said Bhatia had always been behind the stumps and deeply involved in the game and added how Yastika had a phase where she struggled with her batting.

Rodrigues said that after a couple of years they could not keep in contact as she got busy with international cricket and did not focus much on domestic cricket. She was pleasantly surprised when she chanced upon Yastika practicing with the team.

In the video, Jemimah further said that Bhatia is an inspiration for every single girl watching her today. She said that for those who work hard and never give up, their time comes, and Bhatia’s time is now. She added that Yastika had made not just her, but every single person there, as well as her parents proud. Finally, she congratulated her and handed over the cap of the Indian cricket team to her.

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