Jeffery Epstein's Facilitator Ghislaine Maxwell To Be Sentenced On June 28th 2022

Ghislaine Maxwell to be sentenced on June 28, 2022 in the Epstein's sexual abuse case.

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Epstein Case - Ghislaine Maxwell: Ghislaine Maxwell convicted for facilitating and recruiting teenage girls in the Jeffrey Epstein sexual abuse case has been allotted June 28, 2022 as her sentencing date for sex trafficking and conspiracy in the Epstein case.

The sixty-year-old Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking charges on 14 January, 2022. The jury convicted her of recruiting and grooming girls for Jeffrey Epstein on December 29, 2021. She is convicted of facilitating sexual abuse of minors, which means she could spend the rest of her life in prison.

Confirming their position in the letter to Judge Alison J. Nathan, the US government said: "In the event, the defendant's post-trial motions are denied, the Government is prepared to dismiss the severed perjury counts at the time of sentencing, in light of the victims' significant interests in bringing closure to this matter and avoiding the trauma of testifying again. "

Epstein's facilitator was found guilty of five out of six counts of sex trafficking in New York, United States.

U.S. District Judge Alison J. Nathan announced June 28 as the date as she awaits to resolve defence claims that a new trial should be ordered. As a publicly identified juror told other jurors that he was sexually abused as a child and used his personal experience about the subject matter in order to persuade others to convict Maxwell.

Epstein had taken his own life at Manhattan prison in August 2019 while he was awaiting a trial on sex trafficking charges.

Maxwell's lawyers went ahead and argued that she was being made into a scapegoat by the prosecutors after Epstein's death.


A one-month-long trial went on relating to her involvement in the Epstein sexual abuse case. He was said to have abused teenage girls from 1994-2004.

Maxwell even had a romantic relationship with Epstein but later became his employee at his residences which included the Manhattan mansion and Palm Beach, Florida's large estate.

More about Jeffrey Epstein Case 

Jeffrey Epstein was a prominent financier who belonged to the elite circles in the US. He had sexually abused over 30 young girls and then in 2005, a child sex abuse charge was filed against him as he has made a fourteen-year-old girl strip in his mansion.

Epstein was arrested in 2006 and since then more minors revealed themselves to have been abused by him.

Maxwell was named by multiple survivors in their testimonies and in 2017 a woman filed a lawsuit against her and Epstein jointly. She was arrested in 2020. 

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