Viral Video: Jawan Carries Pregnant Woman To Hospital In Chhattisgarh

jawan carries pregnant woman
Videos of women in rural India being carried to hospitals in the absence of proper roads and ambulances have always made headlines. It is heart-wrenching to see the condition of infrastructure for women’s health. Even with so many recorded instances, they hardly become a political talking point for policy reforms and infrastructure betterment.

Similarly, a video from Chhattisgarh emerged showing a pregnant woman being carried on a makeshift stretcher by an armed force person along with other men. The need to do this was reportedly due to the road conditions between the village and the hospital. Allegedly the ambulance could not drive to the woman’s house.

The armed person who was carrying the stretcher in front is a District Reserve Guard force personnel.  The incident took place in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh. The IG Bastar P Sundarraj told ANI, “The woman and her newborn baby are in good health.”

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Jawan Carries Pregnant Woman

The jawan and the locals carried the woman for several kilometers through the forest area of the village. The video had gone viral and gotten nine thousand views. This happened on Tuesday and The Print reported that the road damage was done by the Naxalites in the area.

The authorities said that the damaged roads were the reason why the ambulance could not reach the village. It was after that, that the locals and the jawan decided to carry the woman to the hospital.

Reportedly, the woman was spotted by another woman during the regular drills near the Burgum village. Immediate help was sought from the DRGF jawan, who helped the woman as she was undergoing critical labour pains.

The Inspector-General of Police told the media, “Ambulance can’t reach their village because Naxalites have dug up the road at many places. Our boys carried the woman on the makeshift stretcher on their shoulders and took her to the nearest hospital. Happy to share that the woman has given birth to a healthy baby boy.”

(Feature Image Credit: ANI)