Jaipur: Woman’s 20-Year-Old Tumour In Liver Removed, Patient Thanks Doctors

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After an eight-hour-long surgery the doctors at a private hospital in Jaipur, Rajasthan were able to remove a 20-year-old tumour, which weighed 8.5 kilograms from the liver of a woman.

The 54-year-old woman was admitted to a private hospital with a “life-threatening” size tumour. The woman was rejected at multiple hospitals considering the size of the tumour and the complications around it.

On November 24, the hospital released a press statement saying that the size of the tumour was 15.7 inches and a multi-disciplinary approach was adopted by the doctors for its removal. They were successful in it.

The department of Gastro Surgery director of the hospital, Dr Sundeep Jain said that the biopsy report of the patient revealed that the woman was suffering from a rare type of tumour, “a mammary type myofibroblastoma in the liver.”

After careful examination, the doctors decided to remove it surgically. It was challenging, considering the size and the fact that the tumour was located in the central part of the liver.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the person who underwent the surgery said, “I am relieved from the pain which I had been facing for the past 20 years. I had visited multiple hospitals and had lost all hopes as many hospitals had refused to treat me.”

Other Interesting Tumour Removal Stories

– In 2020, violinist Dagmar Turner decided to play the violin during her brain surgery for the removal of an aggressive brain tumour at King’s College Hospital in London, UK. She had a tumour in the right frontal lobe, which controls the movement of the left hand. Considering the importance it had for Turner to continue playing the instrument, the doctor planned to give her anaesthesia and let her play the violin to ensure no damage was done.

– A Spinal Cord Tumour survivor went on to successfully participate in Boston Marathon. Carolina Ortega, an analyst from Miami in the United States, was diagnosed in 2015. The tumour’s location restricted her ability to walk. Her surgeon had stated that she would be lucky to ever go for a jog. Ortega ran the 26.3 mile Boston race despite the odds.

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