“I’m Ready To Be Lots Of Things” Jacinda Ardern’s Star Power On Last Day As Nation’s Leader

Jacinda Ardern Last Day As PM
We’re still coming to terms with Jacinda Arden’s resignation as New Zealand Prime Minister. A resignation that felt personal to women across the globe also made us reflect a lot more.

Attending the Rātana, a festival that traditionally observes a new political year in New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern marked her last full day as the country’s Prime Minister.

Jacinda Ardern Last Day As PM

On Arden resigned as the Prime Minister of New Zealand leaving not just the people in her country but the worldwide citizens shocked. 

It’s hard to think of many political leaders who are as loved and appreciated as Arden, then again, not many political leaders showcase the ability, strength and kindness as authentically as Arden. 

On Wednesday, on her final full day as the PM of the country, Arden graced the Rātana festival alongside party leaders. Present there were thousands of people waiting to catch a glimpse of her. In true Arden style, she went beyond. She shook hands, hugged and patiently talked to people waiting in line to greet her.

While the festival is celebrated even year as the political of New Zealand travel to villages to give their significant speeches post the summer break, this year’s event felt overwhelming for everyone in attendance. This year marked an end of a glorious era with Arden moving on from her post. 

In a flurry of interviews when she was asked what she looks forward to the most, she responded, “I’m ready to be lots of things, I’m ready to be a backbench MP, I’m ready to be a mum and a sister.

What’s next in line with Arden’s legacy?

Jacinda Arden’s successor Chris Hipkins who was present at the festival referred to his predecessor’s legacy as remarkable. However, when asked how he would carry on her legacy he stated that because both individuals’ workings styles are different, comparing them would be unfair.

In one of the many short interview series, he said, “I supported Jacinda Ardern as our prime minister, I think she did an amazing job. But look, we’re different, and we’ll have a different style of carrying responsibilities.”

Rātana traditionally marks the beginning of New Zealand’s political year, with party leaders descending on the village to give their first major speeches after the summer break. This year was different, it also marked the ending of an era.

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