Ivanka Trump: 8 Things to Know About her Business Acumen

Ivanka Trump shutting fashion brand

“She’s one of the smartest people I’ve worked with…She’s got an even temperament, she’s articulate, she’s tough, and she is superb on due diligence and understanding the deal”, Michael Ashner, the chief executive of Winthrop said about Ivanka Trump, in an interview with Forbes.

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Ivanka Trump is the daughter of US President-elect Donald J. Trump and the former model, Ivana Trump and is known to be extremely savvy — she’s even said to be the smartest of all the Trumps.

Eight Things to Know About her Business Acumen:

–  Ivanka Trump started her career as a model at the age of 17. With the success she attained in the modelling industry, she could possibly stayed in the business and made a fortune. Instead she chose to become an entrepreneur to carve out a successful career for herself.

– Ivanka in one her interviews with Business Insider, said that she learned the fundamentals of business by selling lemonade with her brothers. She said she used “wily charms and persuasive marketing skills” to get their bodyguard, their parents’ driver, and some of the household staff to buy enough lemonade. They “took pity on us and dug deep for their spare change,” the website quotes Ivanka as saying

– A student of economics from Wharton University, she cracked a deal with Dynamic Diamond Corp. to create her own line of fashion jewellery called Ivanka Trump Fine Jewellery. All this in her 20s. Her business caters to working women and the brand moves away from the kind of marketing the jewellery industry has adopted over the years (with men as a target audience buying jewellery to please women). She created a brand for women, who do not rely on men to buy them jewellery.



– She realised the absence of a brand which caters to the modern professional woman. Hence, Ivanka expanded her brand across various platforms becoming a label which offers  apparels, accessories, home, fragrances and sunglasses. She later evolved the brand into a lifestyle concept dedicated to women who work.

– Ivanka has cracked some great deals as the Executive Vice-President of  Development & Acquisition  at the Trump Organisation. She was part of the most high-profile deals, including $200-million deal where the Trumps had to convert the historic Old Post Office in Washington, DC into a luxury hotel, as well as the $250-million renovation of the Doral Golf Resort in Miami.

– She is not just the founder of her label, mother of three and executive Vice-President of Development & Acquisition  at the Trump Organisation, she is also the founder of Trump Hotels. She co-founded Trump Hotels along with her brothers, Eric and Donald.

– Ivanka has written a book called “The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life” in 2009. Her next book,“Women Who Work: Redefining the Rules for Success” will be releasing in 2017.

–  During all her campaign appearances and interviews, Ivanka wore clothes from her own line of clothes brand. This not only boosted the brand sales but also proves that she’s the brand’s best model, herself.

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Ivanka Trump is a woman who believes that “there’s nothing more incredible than a woman who’s in charge of her own destiny – and working daily to make her dreams a reality” — surely an inspiration for young entrepreneurs.

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