Is this the first look of Ram Gopal Varma’s next film, that is reportedly based on Sasikala?

RGV, who has been on a spree to unveil the truth behind real-life events like the Neeraj Grover murder, is now intrigued with Tamil Nadu’s bizarre politics. The chaos led to Sasikala’s conviction and now he wants to explore the life of late TN Chief Minister, J Jayalalithaa. In the movie, the story will be told through the eyes of her attaché, VK Sasikala.

RGV unveiled the poster of his upcoming film on Thursday when Tamil Nadu was in turmoil over Sasikala’s conviction. He was seen taking digs at Sasikala in his Twitter posts. And now, finally the epic poster is ready too.

For some, this came as a shock. If one recalls, in December 2016, the filmmaker had announced that he was keen to make a film based on the lives of two incredible woman politicians of our country? And apparently, he is convinced of giving the film the title of – Sasikala. Touché!

“‘Sashikala’ is going to be a very very sincere from the heart Tamilian love story and absolutely nothing to with fictional non-politics,” he had tweeted then.

Well, his timing couldn’t be more perfect! Former AIADMK leader Sasikala is now in Bengaluru jail for her role in the disproportionate assets case, which was upheld by the Supreme Court.

Along with the poster, RGV has also given a few insights, revealing some plotlines about what should be expected from his film.

RGV tweeted:

Indian better know by now that Sasikala’s family is infamously known as ‘Mannargudi Mafia’ –which is making the show hit in Tamil Nadu now. So, RGV’s movie may be based (more) on Sasikala’s family.

Few other tweets are:

After reading all his tweets, we are wondering if RGV himself has any idea on what topic exactly his movie is based on? Or he is as confused as the rest of the nation or as his SOURCE “Poes Garden residence”? But I am hoping that Varma’s take on Tamil Nadu politics will be a disaster like many of his past movies.

As for now, we have to wait and watch till the movie is released.

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