Anusuya To Anukathir: In A First, An IRS Officer Changes Name & Gender On Docs

Officer M Anusuya submitted a petition stating she wanted her name and gender changed. The officer wanted her new name to be Mr M Anukathir Surya and the gender changed from female to male.

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In a historic move, the Ministry of Finances approved an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer's request to change their name and gender. This was the first time a person was allowed to change gender in the history of Civil Services. Everyone in the Civil Services is applauding the judgement as the beginning of gender inclusivity in the Indian government sector. 


As per the reportsMs M Anusuya, IRS (C&IT:2013) submitted a petition to the Finance Ministry stating that she wanted her name and gender changed. The officer wanted her new name to be Mr M Anukathir Surya and her gender to be changed from female to male.

In A First, An IRS Officer Changes Name & Gender On Docs

The order given on July 9 stated, “Ms M Anusuya, IRS (C&IT: 2013) [Employee Code: 4623, DOB: 20.10.1988] presently posted as Joint Commissioner in 0/o Chief Commissioner (AR), CESTAT, Hyderabad has requested for change of her name from Ms M Anusuya to Mr M Anukathir Surya and Gender from Female to Male.”

The order further mentioned that the request of the IRS officer has been considered and approved. Stating further, the order said, "The request of Ms M Anusuya has been considered. Henceforth, the officer will be recognised as ‘Mr M Anukathir Surya’ in all official records.” Moreover, the order said that the decision had been taken by competent authorities. 

The order has mentioned the Chief Commissioner (AR), Customs, Excise, Service Tax Appellate Tribunal, and all Principal Chief Commissioners/ Pr Directors General under the CBIC.

The order is highly appreciated


Applauding the judgement, senior IRS officers told the media that it is "progressive" and opens the gate for gender inclusivity and identity within government roles. The officers also believe that this judgement will play an important role in changing the attitude of people towards gender diversity. It is also being said that this judgement can lead to introducing gender-inclusive policies and practices that will change the landscape of all sectors.

One of the senior IRS officers told the media, "This is a significant development, highlighting progress in the recognition and acceptance of gender identity within the Indian Civil Services. The approval by the ministry of finance sets a precedent for inclusivity and support for transgender individuals in government positions.”

Another senior IRS officer who works in the income tax department said, "This is pathbreaking order, we are all proud of the officer and also our ministry."

A similar struggle of police constable changing from Lalita Salve to Lalt Salve

Lalita Salve, a resident of Rajegaon village in Majalgaon tehsil of Beed district, had underdeveloped genitalia at the time of his birth. Since then, he has lived as a woman and was even inducted as a female police constable.

After living three decades as a woman, Lalita started observing changes in her body. In 2014, Lalita underwent a test that revealed the presence of a biological male (Y) chromosome. Subsequently, Lalita submitted an application to the state police department, seeking a month’s leave to undergo a sex-changing operation. However, Lalita's plea was rejected on the grounds that the eligibility criteria for male and female constables were different.

Lalita then reportedly approached the Bombay High Court with a plea to direct the Beed DGP to grant the required leave for the operation. The court directed Lalita to the Maharashtra Appellate Tribunal (MAT).  Finally, in 2018, Lalita was given the green light for the surgery by the home department, and the Superintendent of Police in Beed also granted her the required leave.

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