Irom Sharmila Bids Adieu To Politics

Irom Sharmila

After a massive defeat in Manipur state elections, Irom Sharmila has decided to quit politics. With less than 100 votes in her kitty, Iron Sharmila has also resolved to not contest elections in the future as it is difficult to change rigid mindsets.

The seat, that she had been working so hard for, went to her opponent and Congress veteran Ibobi Singh.

“I continued without even water for 16 years yet… people need to be awakened. They let me down…The people let me down.They want me to be their version but I want to be just a normal human being, who has right to reality, right to choice, freedom to live freely,”

“I do not feel much affected by the result because people are yet to be given a chance…Everybody knows muscle and money power are openly used,” Sharmila had told NDTV.

Many are blaming Sharmila’s dearth of funds to campaign for her party. The party, called People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance, was formed after she ended her 16-year fast in August 2016. Her party raised funds through crowd sourcing while she campaigned on a bicycle.

From running a door-to-door campaign to speaking about issues that concern women, the party had left no stone unturned to mobilize people. Despite her concerted efforts, she couldn’t bag the required number of votes to emerge victorious.

She will be soon heading to Attapadi, Kerela to calm her mind. She, however, said that her fight against AFSPA will continue. She will keep working as a social activist. She will also continue to lend moral support to her party.

Irom Sharmila also turns 45 today.

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