Quick Reads: Iranian Women Named Time’s Heroes Of The Year 2022 And More

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It’s easy to miss some important news in the hectic daily schedule, so we have compiled a list of recent women-centric news you may have missed.

In the latest news, Iranian women were named by Time magazine as the “Heroes of 2022” and Peru got its first female president.

Here are some quick reads that will keep you up to date.

Quick Reads

Iranian Women Time’s Heroes Of The Year

Time Magazine said that the “Heroes of 2022” are the women of Iran for their ongoing movement and commitment to the protests that sparked after Mahsa Amini’s death.

The Iranian women are fighting for their right to live in dignity and are protesting against atrocities. Men and children joined the protests in solidarity.

Dina Boluarte Becomes Peru’s First Female President

Dina Boluarte became Peru’s first female president amid a political maelstrom caused by her predecessor, the former president Pedro Castillo was ousted in an impeachment trial and detained by the police after he tried to illegally shut down Congress.

The 60-year-old former vice president was next in line to replace Castillo. In her first speech after being sworn in as Peru’s first female president.

Woman Blinded After Body Modification Goes Wrong

A 32-year-old woman based in Belfast, Northern Ireland might lose her eyesight after she tattooed her eyeballs purple and blue.

The law student, Anaya Peterson, was hospitalised after she got her eyeball tattooed after a potential reaction to the ink. Her doctors believe predict that there will be no recovery of eyesight.

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Sarpanch Arrested For Harassing Woman In Viral Video

A village sarpanch in the Ghazipur district after a video of him purportedly assaulting a man and woman went viral on social media. The sarpanch can be seen making the man and woman lick their own spit.

The woman’s father filed a complaint and alleged that the sarpanch “beat her up and humiliated her” after the father took her to him for a “discussion” over her refusal to marry a man he chose.

Iran’s Supreme Leader’s Sister Criticises Crackdown Against Protests

Badri Hosseini Khamenei, an Iranian resident and the sister of Ali Khamenei condemned his crackdown on the nationwide protests and urged the Revolutionary Guards to lay their weapons down.

According to the letter published by her son in France, Badri Hosseini Khamenei criticised the clerical establishment and wrote, “Ali Khamenei’s Revolutionary Guards and mercenaries should lay down their weapons as soon as possible and join the people before it is too late”.

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