Iranian TV Host Faces Backlash For Drinking Beer And Not Wearing Hijab

Iranian TV show host

An Iranian TV host was photographed drinking beer and not wearing a hijab while vacationing in Switzerland. Now Azadeh Namdari is being called a hypocrite by conservatives. She has publicly endorsed the concept of wearing compulsory hijab earlier. She has even been photographed wearing a hijab with a caption “Thank God, I wear the veil”, according to the BBC.

In an interview with a local newspaper, she has even said “You have to believe to be a chadori. [Otherwise] you’ll be exposed …Thank God that I went on air, I was a chadori. I felt safe and I felt respected. All of these are blessings that the chador has brought me.”

Gender activist Safia Darya had posted the images of the host without a hijab on Twitter.

“Nothing more entertaining than watching religious conservatives squirm when they get busted doing what they preach against,” commented one user.

After facing a lot of flak, Namdari has released a video explaining herself. In the video, she wears a hijab. She says that she had been sitting with her close family when the photo was taken, and that her veil had fallen to the ground when the photo was taken. However, she did not mention the beer.

She has been posting photos of herself wearing the hijab on her trip, on Instagram.

A few people came to her defence. “It is her life. It is none of our business,” a user called Safiye Safiye wrote.

Consumption of alcohol has been banned in Iran since the establishment of the Islamic Republic government in 1979. Women who do not wear the hijab in Iran can face punishment ranging from having to pay a fine to having to face imprisonment. What do you think? Should she just be left alone?

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Picture Credit: The Independent