Iranian Girl’s Santoor Rendition Of ‘Jana Gana Mana’ Goes Viral Ahead Of Independence Day

Iran Girl plays Jana Gana Mana
Iran Girl Plays Jana Gana Mana on Santoor: Winner of Global child prodigy awards 2020, Tara Ghahremani is just 12 and her musical prowess is already making heads turn, globally. A video of Ghahremani’s Santoor rendition of India’s national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” is doing rounds on social media, ahead of its 75th Independence Day. Ghahremani, who hails from Tehran, Iran, had also shared this video ahead of India’s 72nd Republic Day earlier this year.

Who is Tara Ghahremani?

The gifted artist has managed to gain international fame for her command over the instrument Santoor, that too at such a young age. Ghahremani won the Global Child Prodigy Awards in January 2020 in the ‘Musician’ category. She was also among the Top 100 Child Prodigies of the year. A remarkable Santoor player, Ghahremani had been learning music since she was just five. Initially, she played Tonbak, a traditional Iranian instrument but later got inspired by her mother who was also a Santoor student during her childhood. This piqued her interest in the instrument and Ghahremani finally started playing the Santoor at the age of eight, Global Child Prodigy reported.

Ghahremani has shared more than 300 videos on her Instagram handle so far and boasts of more than 40k followers. Talking to GCP, she said that one of the memorable performances for her was when she played Santoor with a composer from Brazil who played guitar and featured together in the video. “Santoor is a well-liked instrument in Iran, and both men and women in Iran love to play Santoor,” she claimed. Talking about her role models, the child from Iran said she gets her inspiration from her mother and teachers.

Ghahremani composes her own renditions and uploads videos on her YouTube channel and Instagram handle .

Feature Image Credit: Tara Ghahremani/Instagram

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