Interviewer Asks Neeraj Chopra About His Sex Life, Makes Him Uncomfortable

Neeraj Chopra about his sex life
Question For Neeraj Chopra About His Sex Life: When asked about his sex life by an interviewer, Neeraj Chopra got uncomfortable and said, “Aapke question se mera mann bhar gaya.” Twitter users are expressing their concerns regarding the question.

In an interview, after securing a Gold medal for the country, Neeraj Chopra was with the art historian Rajeev Sethi. After a few other questions, Sethi asked him about his sex life. Initially, he went to exclaim, “What a handsome young man you are!”

Then he proceeded to the question and asked, “How do you maintain a balance between your sex life and athletic training? I know this is a weird question.”

Instantly, Neeraj Chopra is seen getting uncomfortable with the question about his sex life. He awkwardly said, “Sorry, sir. I have said sorry, you can know my answer from that.”

But Rajeev Sethi did not stop asking about the topic. He further expressed details about the sex life of athletes. He then said that he wanted to know about the sex life of the Olympic Gold medalist.

To this Neeraj Chopra replied in Hindi, “Aapke question se mera mann bhar gaya. (My heart is overwhelmed by your question.)”

After the interview was published on Twitter, people reacted by taking two sides. One Twitter angry with the question on Chopra’s private life wrote, “What are these people thinking? Don’t they have any kind of manners at all? What does it take to have a proper formal interview! This keeps getting worse and worse. Do they interview cricket stars the same way or am I missing something here?”

A user also posted a snippet of the video and wrote an angry caption on it. It read, “If you thought Malishka was Cringe WATCH Rajeev Sethi go a STEP FURTHER (angry emoji) He asked Neeraj Chopra : “How Do you Balance your Sеx Life with your training??” Disgusted Neeraj replied “Aapke question se mera mann bhar gaya” #NeerajChopra #RajeevSethi”