Why in India do we still perceive inter-caste marriage to be a stigma? The younger generation of our country believes that there is no harm in marrying someone from a different caste. Also, they don’t mind marrying someone from a different caste if they find him/her compatible. However, the reverse is the case of parents who want that their kids to marry within their caste, be it arranged or even in love marriage.

The caste system has been a rigid concept of our Indian society. The orthodox mindsets believe that marrying someone out of cultural differences will bring disgrace to the family.

Recently is this shocking case of honour killing, where a 22-year old was stabbed to death by her own father.

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22-year old Athira belongs to Thiyya community and had been in love with a man who belonged to SC community. Athira Rajan Palathingal, who was working at a dialysis center of Manjeri Medical College was set to marry an army man. The man belonged to the SC community and is a resident of Koyilandy district at Kozhikode. The wedding was scheduled for today, 23rd March.

The incident happened yesterday in Areekode in Malappuram district of Kerala. Her father stabbed her just a few hours before her wedding. The police have taken the father, Rajan into custody.

Her father had shown the consent and agreed to the marriage. But, remained opposed to the wedding.

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On Thursday, an argument broke out between Athira and her father who was in drunk condition. After which the father reportedly stabbed Athira multiple numbers of times.

After the incident, the bride to be was taken to the nearby hospital by the neighbors. However, she was declared brought dead by the doctors.

A murder case has been registered against the father.

This is the plight of our society. Why are we so much against such marriages? Is that person an alien from Mars? They are made up of same bones and flesh. Then, why is this discrimination?

Being a parent, how can you even kill your own child? Just on the grounds that your child loves someone else? How gruesome is that?

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Deepali is an intern with SheThePeople
Picture Credits: AsianAge

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