Influencer Jayne Rivera Trolled For ‘Photoshoot’ With Late Father’s Casket

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Influencer Jayne Rivera is under fire from social media users for photos she shared on her profile from her father’s funeral. As per reports, she revealed last week on Instagram that her father had passed away and on Monday, posted snaps posing in front of his open casket. Her Instagram account stands deleted, as of Wednesday evening.

The carousel of photos shows 20-year-old Rivera in a black ensemble striking multiple poses near a wooden casket. “Butterfly fly away. Rip Papi you were my best friend. A life well lived. #dadless,” she wrote in the caption. She had over 85,000 followers on Instagram when her account was active.

Many on social media have deemed Rivera’s photos as “disrespectful” and “distasteful,” calling out influencer culture. There is also some support for her, with people saying she should be allowed to process her father’s death the way she wants.

Jayne Rivera Photoshoot Raises Eyebrows: Here’s What Netizens Are Saying

As per local reports, Rivera is based in Miami, Florida in the United States. Her posts on fashion and travel were popular among fans. She wrote on Instagram last week that her father, a veteran, had died. In her photos, which are being slammed online, the casket can be seen draped with the American flag.

On Instagram, as on TikTok where she has a community of over 3,00,000, her follower count has taken a hit after the funeral photoshoot, New York Post reports. Netizens are urging each other to unfollow her content channels for the photos she put out.

“Jayne, delete these pics, apologize for your lack of discretion or I will stop following you and I hope others will do the same,” one user wrote. “I’m horrified at the level of shallowness displayed here,” another said. “Call me a prude, but I can never recall seeing an open-shoulder outfit at a funeral, much less posing in front of the casket!” one wrote.

Meanwhile, some others came to Rivera’s defence. “Bro we don’t judge how others grieve,” a user said. “Iv never understood why it’s offensive to take a picture at a funeral can someone answer this question ?” one asked.

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