Inspiration Alert: Meet Tamilisai Soundararajan

Tamilisai Kanimozhi LS Polls

Tamilisai Soundararajan is the President of the Tamil Nadu’s Bhartiya Janata Party. She was a National Secretary of the BJP prior to this appointment. She is the daughter of Kumari Anandan, senior Congress party leader in Tamil Nadu. Quite confusing isn’t it? ‘She is the president of BJP and her father is a senior Congress party leader’. How is it even possible? This very difference in views and ideologies within families and the very acceptance of it makes us truly a democratic country. Also, taking such a decision couple of decades ago by going against her father’s ideologies deserves all of our attention!

But what attention is she gaining among the people of Tamil Nadu?

Tamilisai Soundararajan has been gaining a lot of attention online by the Meme creators. She has been the latest obsession and face of memes. Numerous videos, photographs, posters of Tamilisai have been doing the rounds of social media platforms. While the meme creators quite possibly don’t leave anyone, I, personally felt that she was more in the limelight because she is a woman. She is probably the only face of women in Tamil Nadu politics.  That’s why she was made fun of, of her height, weight and arduous punch lines during campaigns.

Guess how the politician reacted to it?

She laughed it out! Nothing has bothered her and this is evident from a recent interview she had given to behindwood. When the anchors asked her reaction to memes, she laughed out loud and said it doesn’t make her angry. During the interview the politician showed her mettle and spoke swimmingly. She was jovial, witty yet sensible and strong-headed about her opinions and views.

Her Journey from Physician to Politician

Tamilisai’s alma mater is Madras Medical College. She was elected as a student leader during her studies at MMC. She mentions about how visiting Canada made her feel so deprived of facilities in our country. It made her bring about a change. Although belonging to a leading, traditionally Congress Party family, she was attracted by BJP ideology and started working full-time for BJP. She adds that since the Congress party were in power and nothing had quite changed, her ideologies resonated with BJP and thus took the step to work for the party.

The obvious reaction!

Her father was in shock and did not speak to her for over six months. She mentions in the interview that she did not take her dad’s opinion or inform him before she took her decision. She took a decision that she felt was absolutely right. This move by her definitely deserves all our appreciation. Imagine in the 80s and 90s to take a step and work politically against her father was a major breakthrough.

She took a decision and has been backing it. Politics in our country is an all men game. To have a women leader who is witty, cool-headed and absolutely committed to this game gives quite a rough time for others. In a state like Tamil Nadu where traditions and cultures are strictly upheld, I admired the way she openly said that she is so bad at cooking (which of course is usually considered only the women’s job) is totally admirable.

Picture credit: Deccan Chronicle

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Reshma is an intern with SheThepeople.TV