Huge Welcome Back To India’s first all-women peacekeeping force

UN Peacekeeping Missions

What a stellar job done. Big round of applause for India’s first all women Indian Formed Police Unit (FPU) that returns from Liberia on 14th February. The FPU had gone on a UN peacekeeping mission in 2007 in the war-torn country of Africa, Liberia. This battalion was formed by the compilation of women from the Rapid Action Force of the Central Police Reserve Force. It is also UN peacekeeping mission’s first-ever all-women battalion.

The FPU will get back into guarding national security of own country once its back. It helped Liberia in restoring national security, peace and stability through its tough times. Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is all praise about the Indian women’s force. While bidding the Indian contingent adieu, Sirleaf said that many Liberians could not believe that the police force is leaving the country. They want them to stay a little longer.


Indian Armed Police Force: Pic by UN

Indian Armed Police Force: Pic by UN

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“You should be proud that by your presence, you have made tremendous contribution by bringing greater stability, confidence and assisting in the strengthening of the capacities of the Liberia National Police,” Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General Farid Zarif said, at a farewell programme held in honour of the contingent by UNMIL at the Headquarters of the Indian Formed Police Unit in Congo Town, outside Monrovia according to reports.

The Indian FPU, which was headed by Gautam Sawang as the UN Police commissioner, became famous for its alertness and ability to work in “high-risk” zones. The Liberian president in her speech also added that they displayed courage, commitment, discipline and professionalism, which were the hallmark of their service to Liberians.

Nine years back when sex crimes and child soldiers had taken over Liberia and there seemed no way out, these all-women troops were stationed in the country. It helped Liberia in getting back to its feet and made its women feel secure and safe in moving around.

Picture Credit- Indiatimes