Indian Woman Digs A 60 Feet Deep Well Without External Help

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India is replete with tales of  women who are capable of achieving the unimaginable. One such woman of substance is Gouri S Naik. A resident of Ganesh Nagar, Sirsi, has reportedly dug a 60-foot-deep well without anyone’s help. And for her plants.

It all started when Gouri felt the need to have a constant source of water to water her coconut and areca plants. Her financial limitations thwarted her from building a new well. She, however, decided to dig the well herself.

This herculean task took 3 months to get completed after which she was successful in getting water.

The 60-feet-deep well is an outcome of 5-6 hours of continuous digging that Gouri did everyday. She had to lift out the dirt from the well and it was only then that she had reached out to three women. The well has 7 feet water in it.

What makes her story more intriguing is the fact that she is a mother and works as a labourer in Ganesh Nagar. Besides working there, she has also grown 150 areca, 15 coconut and some banana trees around her home.

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She was also a member of Dharmastala Rural Development Scheme but not many there were aware that Gouri was exerting herself to a nearly impossible task.

“When Gouri came to the meeting, she would complain about body ache. But we did not know about her work in digging a well. It was only when we visited her home that we found out what she was doing,” scheme officer Vinoda said.

It is heartening to see Indian women taking up the onus of their welfare on their shoulders. India can flourish only if more such women take up the gauntlet of becoming self-reliant and inspire others to do the same.

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