US: Indian Student Dies After Being Stabbed In Gym; Details Here

Varun Raj Pucha, a 24-year-old Indian student enrolled at Valparaiso University passed away after being stabbed at a fitness centre in the state of Indiana. The assailant, Jordan Andrade, 24, has been arrested.

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Varun Raj Pucha, a 24-year-old Indian student enrolled at Valparaiso University, has tragically passed away after being stabbed at a fitness centre in the state of Indiana. The incident occurred on October 29 when he was attacked in the head with a knife by the assailant, Jordan Andrade, 24, at the public gym.

Pucha was a computer science student in Indiana and a native of Telangana. The accused Andrade upon questioning informed the police that he had never communicated with the victim before the assault, but he claimed that someone had informed him that he was a "threat."

Details Of The Case

The police also interviewed Planet Fitness staff, the gym where the incident occurred, who noted that the victim was a regular and typically kept to himself, displaying quiet and reserved behaviour without any indication of being "creepy." Andrade is facing charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery. As per newly filed charges in the case, Andrade told the police that Pucha "was going to assassinate" him.

As per the reports by NDTV, Andrade entered the massage room at the gym where he encountered Pucha, an unfamiliar individual whom he deemed "a little weird," according to the police. Despite not knowing him, Andrade claimed to feel threatened by him, justifying his reaction as a defensive response.

The accused insisted that Pucha remained seated throughout the entire incident and did not initiate any physical contact. Andrade asserted that the only physical interaction occurred when he attempted to push him away after Andrade had already initiated the attack.

Describing himself as a former high school football player with the capability to bench-press 260 pounds, Andrade characterized Pucha as "pretty little."

Andrade maintained that his actions were in self-defence, presenting himself as a "defensive fighter" who neutralized a perceived threat using a knife. When pressed for details about the attack, Andrade provided a vague explanation, stating, "Uh, I just put it through."

When further questioned about the specifics of the assault, Andrade reportedly declined to provide more information, saying, "I don't even want to say it," as per the police. He acknowledged retrieving the knife from his pocket, noting that it was a tool typically used for opening boxes at his workplace, Menards.

Memorial Organised

A memorial service to honour and remember Pucha is scheduled on campus for November 16. Valparaiso University where Pucha was a student expressed profound sorrow in announcing his passing. The university shared condolences with his family and friends, acknowledging the significant loss within the campus community.

The university remains in constant communication with Pucha's family, providing assistance and support during this challenging period. The institution urged everyone to unite in keeping Pucha's family in their thoughts and prayers.

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