Indian Railways to Install CCTV Cameras at 983 Stations

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In order to strengthen women’s security across the country, the Indian Railways will install CCTV surveillance systems at more than 900 stations under the Nirbhaya Fund. The total approved cost of the project is Rs 500 crore.

According to a report, about 19,000 high-definition CCTV cameras will be installed in 983 stations across the country. Under the project, cameras will be installed on platforms and in the waiting areas. The authorities are also planning to have control rooms at stations to monitor CCTV footage by trained RPF personnel, continuously. The CCTV cameras will also help police authorities in finding evidence during a postcrime investigation.

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The station master will also be given access to monitor CCTV camera footage as part of the project being undertaken by the public transporter, said a senior Railway Ministry official.

“It is helping us in a great way. The signboard reading ‘You are under watch’ has a preventive effect on criminal minds,” the official said.

The Hamsafar Express and the upcoming Tejas service will also be equipped with CCTV cameras. Till now, only 344 stations out of 8000 stations that come under Indian railways have CCTV cameras installed in them. Besides, stations, important trains like the Rajdhani Express service will be covered as per the plan.

The Nirbhaya Fund was created by the Central Government in the 2013 Union Budget, after the horrific 2012 gang rape case in Delhi. It aims at making country’s public places safer for women by taking concrete measures to beef up the country’s security system.

This is not the first time that such a step towards women’s safety has been taken. Last month, Bengaluru police initiated a patrolling system, “Pink Hoysalas” that move around in the city to respond to women in distress.

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