Pradeep Thomas, an Indian-origin man in the UK, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for stalking and threatening his former girlfriend. He was jailed by the Harrow Crown Court after pleading guilty to stalking, and invoking fear of violence.

After his girlfriend had ended the relationship, Thomas harassed her with messages, which had threats and warnings about murder, and how he would throw acid on her

Thomas is 37 and would stalk his 50-year-old girlfriend. They had been in an on-off relationship for four years. After they broke up, he would keep turning up at her home. He had given her countless missed calls and voice messages, saying he was outside her house and was going to kill her.

“Thomas refused to accept that his relationship with the victim was over and so he subjected her to weeks of harassment which culminated in him calling her dozens of times over a few hours and leaving her increasingly angry messages where he repeatedly threatened to kill her or cause her serious harm,” said Detective Constable Heidi Adams.

The victim feared for her life. She is happy that he has been jailed.

“I hope Thomas uses his sentence to reflect upon his actions. This type of behaviour is not acceptable and we will swiftly bring those who think it is to justice,” she said.

When he was arrested, Thomas said that he had been hurt, upset and drunk when he sent the messages. He said that he still considered her to be his girlfriend.

In India, even though there are strict laws against stalking, the number of cases of stalking have been increasing. Only 26 percent of cases end in conviction. In the first six months of 2017, 203 men have already been arrested for stalking while there have been 259 cases that were registered in Delhi NCR.

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