Indian model Carol Gracias walks ramp showing off a baby bump

Indian model Carol Gracias walked the ramp showing off a baby bump in an effort to break gender stereotypes in the country. Gracias chose to show off her bump and walked the ramp for designer Gaurang Shah in a pink and green sari.

For years in India, women have been shy of confidence during their pregnancy for a lot of different (and bizarre) reasons. In our film industry, pregnancy has come with massive baggage. Aishwarya Rai reportedly lost a film when she was announced pregnant. Most actors have been under pressure to return to flat bellies (complete with launches of Yoga DVDs along that journey). So to have a model, as lovely as Gracias this bold move is a reason to celebrate having a baby.

Carol Gracias Pregnant on the ramp

Carol Gracias Pregnant on the ramp, pic by Gaurang Shah

At the corporate workplace, pregnant women face discrimination for their upcoming leaves. Or people assume that women with babies in the womb ‘lose their brains’ and hence work isn’t demanded off them. Didn’t someone write this in a book – I am pregnant, not brain dead. We at She The People know enough and many women who work till the very last day of their pregnancy. Then why has our society fostered so many stereotypes for decades? We are more than pleased to see the fashion industry take the lead on this, given how much it is criticised for promoting misconceived ideas of what looks good, skinny legs, size zero and much more. Women can be and are beautiful in their pregnancy. So why not celebrate that?

We are seeing this trend start in other parts of the world too. Last year pregnant models walked the ramp for Dolce & Gabbana at the Milan Fashion Week 2015. The show was called ‘Viva la mamma’ (Hurray for mothers). The Italian fashion house was celebrating motherhood. Models who walked the ramp were either mothers holding toddlers or pregnant women.

Perfection is boring. And with this and much more effort to break stereotypes we will finally celebrate the idea of being ourselves, with whatever experiences we are going through.

AFP Image of Pregnant Models

Mother to be models, Pic by AFP-Getty

Mother-to-be models, including Alessandra Ambrosio and Raffaella Fico have sashayed the ramp  in style back in 2013.