Indian Employee In UAE Fired For Abusing Rana Ayyub Online

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An Indian citizen working in the UAE was fired for sending a sexually-abusive message to journalist Rana Ayyub’s Facebook page. His employer, Alpha Paints, fired him after Ayyub posted a screenshot of his message.

“Just a sample of the filth I receive on my Facebook page. Time to name and shame this pervert,” she had said.

One of the companies employees had complained about 31-year-old Bincylal Balachandran’s post. He had sent an email to the HR manager of the company, Shadi Al Refai, with a screenshot of the abusive message.

We verified the accuracy of the information and checked on the name of the man. On April 8, at 8 am, the termination order of Balachandran was issued,” Al Refai said.

The man had also posted comments against Islam on his Facebook page.

Ayyub said that the man’s visa has been revoked and that he is being deported back to India. She said that she hopes India also sets a similar precedence towards online harassment

She has filed an FIR against him and hopes that he faces the repercussions of what he has done once he returns to India.

She also said that now people are saying that he was fired because of his anti-Islam comments and not because of his treatment of women.

Looks like the those people were wrong because the UAE based company even called Ayyub to apologise.

A report conducted by Feminism in India and Freedom House Hyperlinkers has found that almost 50 per cent of women in Indian cities have experienced online abuse. Most women do not report online crimes because they fear not being taken seriously and aren’t aware of the laws regarding cyber bullying.

What’s more shocking is that it is a widely-known fact that PM Modi follows people who are trolls on Twitter

“As a citizen of India, I want to ask the PM — why does he follow abusive trolls who give death threats and rape threats and who have been suspended by twitter?” journalist Swati Chaturvedi said in an interview with SheThePeople.TV.

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Indian Employee In UAE Fired For Abusing Rana Ayyub Online
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