India's CWC Loss Triggers Indian Company To Declare An Off Day

After India's 2023 ODI World Cup loss, Twitter mourned the 'Mondayest Monday.' One organisation went ahead to declare a one-day holiday to allow its employees to process the loss.

Oshi Saxena
Nov 21, 2023 11:08 IST
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The Monday that followed India's World Cup loss is being lamented as the "Mondayest of Mondays," with many expressing a desire for it to be declared a national holiday to mourn the cricketing setback.  


This sentiment echoes across social media platforms, with Twitter becoming a virtual echo chamber of shared grief and lamentation. One organization went ahead to actually declare a one-day holiday to allow its employees to process.

Reactions Across the Nation

As social media flooded with reactions, memes, and expressions of grief, it became evident that the impact of India's World Cup loss extended far beyond the cricketing pitch.  Tweets depicting the gloom and sadness in offices and the struggles of cricket fans going about their regular Monday routines further emphasized the profound impact of the defeat.  The hashtag #MondayestMonday trends as a sombre proof of the widespread sentiment that this Monday, in particular, is burdened with the weight of a cricketing defeat.









Beyond the Hashtags: Impact on Daily Lives

The impact of the loss extends beyond the confines of social media. Multiple tweets capture the distress and pleas resonated within the broader workforce, highlighting the already challenging nature of Mondays and the added gloom stemming from the World Cup loss. The defeat, it seems, has seeped into the very fabric of daily life.

As social media becomes flooded with images and memes, it becomes evident that the shared grief of India's loss is not confined to individual experiences but extends to the broader societal and cultural landscape.




The Company's Email

Amidst numb reactions of people in India, an organization chose to address the emotional toll of the defeat on its employees. Through an email, the organization declared a one-day holiday to allow its workforce some space.

Riya Ahuja  LinkedIn Post
Riya Ahuja Linkedln Post 


"Through this one-day employee relaxation step, we prioritize our employees well-being more than anything. This small step not only promotes employees productivity but also promotes a value-driven culture with a motivated workforce," writes Riya Ahuja, Vice President (Operations), Marketing Moves Agency in her Linkedln post

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