Meet Supriya Lele: Indian-British Designer Behind Kylie Jenner's Latest Look

Supriya Lele steers away from Indian maximalism to create minimalist designs that still stay true to her Indian roots. What does her designs day about her and the blending of Indian and international fashion?

Shreya Mariam Vimal
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Indian fashion has long embraced maximalism, with designers like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra renowned for their opulent creations, reflecting a culture of celebration and extravagance. However, a new wave of designers, exemplified by British-Indian designer Supriya Lele, are championing minimalism.


Lele's designs often marry pastels with drapes, celebrating the essence of femininity. Recently, American sensation Kylie Jenner captivated audiences with her choice of attire—a sheer lilac crop top and skirt set from Lele's Spring/Summer 24 collection. Jenner showcased the ensemble while promoting a new product for Kylie Cosmetics, epitomizing Lele's modern aesthetic on the global stage.

Lele's collection redefines traditional garments for the modern woman. By infusing Noughties aesthetics and abandoning the traditional blouse worn with a sari, she breathes new life into classic pieces. The result? A fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary style that resonates with fashion enthusiasts worldwide.


Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa have long been fans of Lele's designs. Now, with Kylie Jenner joining the ranks, her creations have reached new heights of popularity. Jenner's endorsement of the sheer ensemble further solidifies Lele's status as a rising star in the fashion world.

Who is Supriya Lele? 

Lele was born to Indian parents, originally from Nagpur and Jabalpur. Born in Britain, Lele initially studied architecture at the University of Edinburgh but soon realised that it wasn't for her and switched to an art foundation course. By 2017, almost two years after she entered the fashion world, she debuted at the London Fashion Week. 

Her spring 2023 collection featured a shirt with a block-print design inspired by her hometown in Madhya Pradesh. Her slip dresses also feature an Indian sensibility; they are reminiscent of saris but with her own twist. 

Lele also draws inspiration from the era she grew up in, the early noughties. While Y2K fashion was renowned for being girly, silly and maximalist, Lele cherrypicks these elements. "It's kind of sassy. Kind of tongue-in-cheek," she told Vogue magazine. Her designs also feature this silly but sensual element. One moment, she is pairing pastel pink tops with low-rise jeans, in true early 2000s fashion; the other, a model is sporting a sheer green slip dress. 

Comfort is key for Lele. She recalls how some of her customers were surprised by how comfortable her clothes felt. She is also known for her care for her models. "One of my girls doesn't dress sexy. So she'll take something revealing and wear it over a t-shirt." She makes it clear that the comfort of her models and customers is what is important to her. Her effortless fusion of her culture with her lived experience is what makes her stand out. 



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