Women empowerment is the most important issue in the world today for more reasons than one. The increasing rates of crimes committed against women, the disparity in terms of education and basic human rights, are just a few of them. Especially in a country like India, where rapes, child marriages and customs like dowry still prevail on a large scale, this becomes even more important.


The First Secretary in the Indian Mission to the UN, Mayank Joshi, who was present at the first regular session of UN Women Executive Board, assured that India was committed to working with UN Women and the international community for achieving a “gender-equal world”.


Joshi emphasized that the country was dedicated to the cause and talked about all the steps and initiatives being taken in this direction. He said that along with fulfilling its promise to donate US$5 million to UN Women, India has also shown immense support for the UN’s HeForShe campaign.


According to a report by Bernama, in his speech at the session, he talked about other measures being taken by the Indian government to eliminate violence against women, adding: “Mainstreaming gender concerns in the policies and programmes of different ministries and government departments through gender budgeting has been especially emphasized.”


He also said: “…Empowering women using enabling Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) could be a game changer if harnessed and applied to its full potential, especially in areas of education, healthcare, water and sanitation, energy and help in expediting addressing the challenges of digital divide. Technology-enabled women would lead to a technology- enabled society faster,” reported the Economic Times.


[Picture Credits: The Mangalore Times.com]