10 Things To Know About India’s First Mass Covid Vaccination Drive

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The centre released guidelines for the first phase of mass covid vaccination drive on Monday.  The government is planning to vaccinate 30 crore people in the first drive. They will mostly consist of vulnerable groups such as healthcare workers, people aged above 50 years, frontline workers and others living with comorbidities. Here’s everything else you need to know the first vaccination drive:

1.A digital platform named Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network (Co-WIN) will be set to register people for vaccination. It will also be used to track the anti-coronavirus vaccines and the people who have taken it on a real-time basis.

2.To register yourself on the Co-Win, you need twelve photo identity documents such as voter ID, aadhar card, and driver’s license.

3.Only the ones registered on Co-Win will be able to get vaccinated and there will be no on-spot registration

4.In one session, up to a hundred people will be vaccinated. In case the location where the vaccination is taking place has enough space and logistics such as observation room along with arrangement for crowd management, a second session can be run simultaneously. This way better-equipped establishment will be able to vaccinate 200 people in one go.

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5.Each vaccination team will consist of five people.

6.After an individual is injected with the vaccine, they will be observed for the next 30 minutes to make sure there are adverse effects.

7.To avoid mixing of different vaccines in one location, the centre has directed the states to allocate one manufacture to a district.

8.States have also been directed to carry out comprehensive communication strategies to solve the problems in vaccine roll-out.

9.The government has also directed to keep the vaccines carriers’ lids closed until an individual needs to be vaccinated.

10. The vaccines will be carried in sunlight proof containers.

Entire election machinery will be employed to deliver 60 crores of vaccine doses all around the country