Ban Ki-Moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, has said that women have a higher chance to sustain a peace treaty up to 15 years if they are a part of the board. He was addressing a Security Council meeting on Tuesday.

He referred to research which says that there is a 35% greater chance of a peace deal to continue for a minimum 15 years if women are involved in the signing process.

“More women than ever before are making decisions for peace and security in the halls of governments and international organizations,” said the Secretary General indicating the Columbia peace process, as reported by Indian Express.

As he spoke of the benefits of having women at the table while signing peace deals, he showed displeasure over the low rate of women’s participation in peace processes, humanitarian programs and peace building plans. They are either not there involved in the process or if they are there, the numbers are too few to actually have an impact.

Ban Ki-Moon urged the council members to have at least one woman at the table during the peace treaty of Syria and Yemen.

The pace at which women are moving towards having instrumental roles in organisations like UN is very slow. All have to come forward to give that much needed push to women and ensure that they get to showcase their skills in bettering the world.


Picture credit- B4E