Every once in a while, girls realise that no one other than themselves can protect them from harassment and once they do, culprits better run for cover. Two female MBA students from Utkal University in Bhubaneswar, Odisha did just that. The incident happened on Sunday, when not too many people are on Campus.  A 50 year old man accosted an MBA students, passing lewd remarks and making some obscene gestures. Even as the few rickshaw drivers who were around did not react, the girl called another friend of hers, and taking matters into their hands, they started beating up the man. To see what happened, watch this:

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The girl further went on to narrate the incident on Facebook, saying this:

” The road was empty as this is a Sunday. Then he again came in front of me and put his pants down and said really bad things again by lying he’s the son of the VC of the University. There were few auto drivers too but they ignored. I got really scared and called one of my known friends from that university Arpita di……..After a while we saw him coming from front of us on Pani tanki road. Arpita Di stopped him and within seconds she started beating him and I got courage from her to hit him hard. We were beating him till we called for the cops. People were there to just watch the show. Police also didn’t stop us. After sometime they took him to Shaheed Nagar Police station and we were called for the F.I.R. formalities”

Kudos to these young girls, not only for teaching the pervert a lesson, but also recording the incident, making sure that they send out a strong message. We all need to do the same!

Feature image credit: 8 tracks.com

Video Credit: Kanak News

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