In Chennai: 24-year-old female techie murdered in broad daylight

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In a shocking incident, an Infosys employee, S Swathi was beaten to death at the Nungambakkam railway station in Chennai on Friday morning. The girl was waiting for her train to go for work at around 6.30 in the morning when a guy who was chasing her came to her. Both had an argument, and then the man pulled out a sickle from his bag and started striking Swathi with it.

What is even more disturbing is that since it is one of the main railway stations of the city, it was pretty crowded when the man was beating Swathi but no one dared to raise an alarm. After killing Swathi, the man quietly took the next train and fled the scene, as explained by eye witnesses. On questioning the shop owners at the platform as to why they did not intervene, one of them said that that they were so taken aback at the incident that by the time they came to terms with it, the man had already left the scene of crime, reported by TNIE.

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Another woman who saw Swathi on the station quite often said, “It is even more shocking that this happened in broad daylight. This is such a busy station and there is no security,” to NDTV.

The police have released footage of the suspect who is seen walking to the railway station. What seems to be emerging is that Swathi, who used to live near the railway station in the Choolaimedu area, was being pursued by a man since the last few months and it seems it is the same guy who murdered her.

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The Nungambakkam railway station does not have a CCTV camera facility so the location from which the footage has been taken by the police is yet to be known. It is a shame for a metro city to not have a well equipped railway station. And it is inhuman for people to not act in the times of distress when even a call to the police could have saved the girl’s life.

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