Following the state government amending the Nagaland Municipal Act to make 33% reservation for women mandatory in urban local bodies, Nagaland Governor PB Acharya has now asked the government to implement this in the urban local bodies and Lokayukta.

“I have asked Chief Minister TR Zeliang to establish Lokayukta so that corrupt officials can be checked and also make the functioning of the government transparent,” Acharya said as reported by Business Standard.

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A women’s group had actually moved the courts appealing for 33% reservation in urban local bodies but the case is still pending in the Supreme Court. Acharya further mentioned that it was the decision of the state government to implement the act. However, it was met with opposition from the tribal community there. Acharya further mentioned that he has requested the state government to gain the confidence of the tribal people and move ahead with the elections for the urban local bodies with the amended 33% reservation for women in it.

Acharya also talked about the Naga peace talks saying that “something concrete will come out in the near future.” Calling out to all the underground groups in the state to join the peace talks, he stated that if everyone could be brought to the negotiation table together, steps towards a solution can be taken.

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The women’s reservation is a great step in the road to gender parity, since women in government bodies can help to bring the issues that they face to the forefront.

Feature Image Credit: Assam Talks