Girls Lead ICSE And ISC Exam Results For The Year 2019

Kavya Shah
May 08, 2019 04:48 IST
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The results for the ICSE Class 10 and ISC Class 12 board exams have been declared.


This year Dewang Kumar Agarwal from Kolkata and Vibha Swaminathan from Bengaluru have been able to get 100% in the class 12 ISC exam. Juhi Rupesh Kajaria from Mumbai and Manhar Bansal from Muktsar have secured top rank in class 10 ISCE examination with 99.60 per cent.

The mark sheets for ICSE will be available for viewing on May 8th. However the mark sheets for ISC and the ISC pass certificates will be dispatched on the 11th of May 2019.

Children with special needs did well in ISC

The specially abled children who took exams this year made their wards and schools very proud. Out of the 196 candidates, 25 have scored over 90%. The visually challenged candidates who took the exams have scored 80%, and 4 of them have been able to get more than 90%. Also, The candidates from the scheduled cast have performed very well, as their pass percentage is 96.16%

This year's pass percentage in ISC has gone up by 0.3% from last year, and stands at 96.52%.

Pass percentages obtained for ISC subject-wise is: 99.40% in English, 94.36% in Mathematics, 98.93% in Physics, 90.62% in Accounts, 95.47% in Commerce and 99.34% in Computer Science. The highest pass percent this year is in Bengali, which is 99.96%.


Notably, the southern region has performed the best, followed by the Western region. This is followed by the Eastern region and then northern region. The students who gave the exam abroad (foreign region) have been able to secure 99.69% pass percentage.

Girls outshine boys in the ICSE exam

The pass percentage was a perfect 100% for students who took the exams from abroad. Around 9996 SC candidates who have taken the exam have been able to get the pass percentage of 97.75%. As many as 1,21,123 candidates obtained above 90 per cent in the special needs category.


Subject wise pass percentage for ISCE  is 99.77 % English, 99.70% in Bengali, Hindi 99.89%, 99. 93% in Kannada, Malayalam 99.95 % ,Punjabi 99. 97%, for History, Civics and Geography 98. 69%, Mathematics 94.04%, Science 98.97%, Commercial Studies 98.42%, economics 96.80%, Home Science 100%, Physical Education 100%, Environmental Science 98. 95%, Computer Applications 99.99%, Economic Applications 99.97% and Commercial Application 99.82%”.

This is also the first time Compartment exams being introduced for ICSE class 10 results. This will allow candidates to re-appear for the exam again within the same year, whereas earlier they had to wait for an entire year. This means that student who have failed to clear the exam will have 'eligible for compartmental examination' mentioned on their mark sheet.

We wish you all the best for your results!


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Image Credit:Hindustan Times. Kavya Shah is an intern at SheThePeople.TV

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