I Have An Opinion On Everything, Says Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt

“It is very tough; I don’t think I will ever be able to understand what people go through. Rejection is not pleasant and to be told that you are not cut out for it while you still believe that you are. So I don’t have the solution and I just know that eventually when you do get that great, and like I did, it is just you who can make it happen,” said actor Alia Bhatt at an event in Delhi yesterday when she was questioned about how difficult it is for women to enter Bollywood.

One day, people will stop bothering about my life and that day I would not be able to take it

She added, “You may get an opportunity once, twice or thrice but at the end of the day, it is as simple as making a product and if the product is not good, then who shall buy it?” The young actor has made it big with several successful films right from her debut in Student Of The Year. She has also done strong women-centric roles in movies like Highway, Udta Punjab and recently Dear Zindagi.

She also talked about how she deals with all the media hype that she is bombarded with and the people who encroach her privacy. She shared an anecdote about her childhood and said, “Basically when we were younger, on my dad’s birthday, every time there would flowers. The house would be filled with flowers and we used to get so excited and my father said that one day the flowers will stop coming.”

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That’s the way Alia looks at it. “One day, they will stop bothering about my life and that day I would not be able to take it. So as long as it’s not bothering me  and eating into my privacy, that means I am being relevant.”

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt (Pic by STP)

“As long as they are not entering my bathroom and talking about my family badly, I am fine.”

Talking about being opinionated, the Dear Zindagi actress said,

“I have an opinion on everything but right now the world can do with one less opinion”