Hyderabad Woman Kidnaps Herself To Escape Husband

Pakistan girl tortured
Woman kidnaps herself : In Hyderabad, a woman was tired of the harassment she faced from her husband that she couldn’t find any other way except by kidnapping herself. The police brought her home and counselled her husband.

Mrusat, from Hyderabad, is a 30-year-old who desperately wanted to escape her husband. She had been fighting with her husband a number of times. She was reported to have left on Saturday morning along with her two-year-old. Mrusat had told her husband that she was going to visit the hospital.

After a long time, when Mrusat did not return home, her husband Mohammad Ajju tried calling her. But to no luck, his calls did not reach Mrusat and the phone was coming off.

Mohammad Ajju tried contacting his relatives and told them that Mrusat has been kidnapped. Finally, he reached to the Narsapur police and asked for help in finding his wife and child. Even though Mrusat did not take any of her husband’s calls, she did pick up the calls from the police. She also came clean about her lie of staging her own kidnapping and confessed about the reason being her husband’s harassment.

The police arranged for the woman to be brought home safely and also counselled her husband.