Hyderabad Horror : Man Allegedly Wheeled Out Wife’s Body In A Suitcase

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Hyderabad Techie Murder: In a recent development in the Hyderabad techie case, the police found CCTV footage of the husband of the deceased woman allegedly wheeling out a body in a suitcase with a toddler in his hand. According to the police, he later allegedly burned the body whose remains were found recently.

Bhuvaneswari, a software engineer from Hyderabad went missing on June 23. Her husband, Maramreddy Sreekanth Reddy, had claimed to the police and the woman’s relatives that she had passed away due to COVID-19. The relatives had spent days looking for her at hospital morgues. The man is now accused of killing his wife.

The woman’s remains were reportedly found 90% burned. According to a police statement, every part of the body was burned except the bones and the skull. The 27-year-old had an 18-month-old daughter with Reddy.

The Police on further investigation found CCTV footage. According to Tirupati Urban police chief Ramesh Reddy,  the accused wheeled out a big suitcase with his daughter in one hand from his apartment in the footage. The suitcase looked heavy as the accused was struggling to pull it as seen in the CCTV footage.

The Police said, “Sreekanth bought a big suitcase at Reliance Mart and that is suspected to have been used for the purpose of packing the body. He later tried to burn the body.”

According to police reports, Reddy allegedly killed his wife Bhuvaneswari in a fit of rage and then packed her in a suitcase. Later, Reddy allegedly burned her body and left. Reddy was working with an online organisation that fights corruption.

Due to the pandemic, he had lost his job and was unemployed for some time. The couple along with their daughter had shifted from Hyderabad where the woman worked initially to Tirupati after Reddy lost his job. According to TOI, the couple got married in 2019 and had hit a rough patch in their marriage recently.