Husband Kills Wife for Addiction to Facebook and WhatsApp

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Luxmi was allegedly so addicted to social media sites Facebook and Whatsapp that it resulted in her death. She was murdered by her husband Hariom who choked her in sleep last Thursday. They lived in sector 92, Gurugram.


On Friday, during cross-examination, he admitted that he was fed up with his wife as the deceased used to spend hours using her mobile phones and social networking sites.

He alleged that he got upset since she was ignoring him, her children and her duties as a mother and wife. 35-year-old Hariom strangled 32-year-old Luxmi while she was sleeping. Laxmi's father Balwant Singh visited their house on Friday morning. He found Hariom sitting near the body.

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Luxmi’s father called the police. The city court ordered to send him to a two-day police remand on Friday.

Hariom said, “We got married in 2006 and had two children. All was fine for the first few years and then I got her a Smartphone.” He stated that the smart phone changed Luxmi and her behaviour.

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He further added, “In the past two years, the phone gradually changed her, and she started ignoring me and the children. It seemed that the children and I had ceased to exist for her.” She was ignoring her kids because of this addiction. “She would not cook meals or do any household chore; she would not take the kids to school or help them do homework. She spent days and nights on Facebook and WhatsApp.”

He said that because of this they used to fight every day. Their fights were a cause of stress for the children too.

According to him, Luxmi was getting addicted to social networking sites. He had sent both his kids, an eight-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son — to a boarding school in Kurukshetra.

Social networking sites (SNSs) have gained substantial popularity among youth in recent years. Social networking exposure at a young age puts children at the risk of bullyingsexual abuse and may lead to stress, insomnia etc. However, the relationship between the use of these platforms and mental health problems is still unclear.

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