How will #Brexit change things on the ground? Will this mean more chaos in the interim? Women are a big part of the workforce and this is bound to make them vulnerable at different levels. Here’s a look at some of the issues that promise to grab headlines in the days ahead.

1. The EU has introduced and supported legislation that protects women’s rights such as equal pay for equal job roles. The UK didn’t have that before. Also maternity pay for part time workers. Will the UK keep up with equal rights if there’s nothing they have to comply with?

Women and Brexit
Women and Brexit

2. Statistics show that there are more female migrant workers in the UK. Many left because of difficult conditions in their home countries. I saw this first hand when I lived in Poland, Romania and Hungary in the 90’s. With Brexit, will they have to go back? What lives will they have there?

How will #Brexit impact women? 5 things to watch out with Vandana Saxena Poria

3. The UK has realised the importance of women on boards, and as entrepreneurs. With Brexit, their scope for business opportunities potentially goes down significantly,from a market of 300m+ to 70m

4. A number of creche teachers, babysitters, house cleaners, and assisters of women who work, are from migrant countries. With brexit, even if migration rules are not impacted, there is a feeling of vulnerability that these women will be feeling, which will impact them significantly. Many may choose to leave or have to leave. where does that leave our UK working women?

5. Brexit impacts everyone in the UK and Europe. the current younger generations have never seen known anything other than being in the EU. It will be incredibly unsettling for everyone and we’re going to see increased rates of marginalisation of migrants. Who ends up dealing with the fallout of this and worrying about it? Families do, especially mothers. A lot more stressed households and with mothers as lynchpins, that’s a lot of strain.