How Nishtha Goel's Exclusive Handcrafted Jewellery Is Making Waves

26-year-old Nishtha Goel is the founder of Tripti's Exclusive, a hand-crafted jewellery design firm. She speaks to SheThePeople.TV about her venture.

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Nishtha Goel, founder of Tripti's Exclusive

26-year-old Nishtha Goel is the founder of Tripti's Exclusive, a hand-crafted jewellery design firm. Born and brought up in Kanpur, Nishtha inherited the entrepreneurial nature from her family which is into the real estate business.


She speaks to SheThePeople.TV about her venture. Excerpts from the interview:

What inspired you to start Tripti's Exclusive? 

Since the time I was a kid, I have been fiercely independent and hence, I always wanted to do something on my own without any help from my family but was clueless about the right direction until I visited Hyderabad in 2012 where I saw beautiful terracotta jewellery in one of the stores. That is how I got inspired to try my hands at creating those beauties and start a venture of my own. At that time, I was studying Chartered Accountancy and was at the crossroads. Starting my own brand meant dropping the studies mid-way (I was performing well there, hence the dilemma) but being an ‘all heart’ person, I listened to it once again and walked on the path that led me to where I am today.

Nishtha Goel, founder of Tripti's Exclusive Tripti's Exclusive --

Dangling Hanuman

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How is Tripti's Exclusive different from other handcrafted jewellery firms?


TE is all about passion and love for our work and that is where our efficiency lies. We are a hard-working lot and I believe none of us in the team -- be it from the production, management, PR or social media -- is ruled by the clock. We work till odd hours each day and make sure that the work is never compromised. At present, there are four women associated with TE. Initially, there were just two of us -- me and Tripti Goel -- but now we have been joined by Sahana Rai (PR) and Reema Arora (content management).

Nishtha Goel, founder of Tripti's Exclusive Tripti's Exclusive -- Durga Stud Earrings

Has the demonitisation drive effected your venture or people associated with it in any ways?

Of course, it has. There was a definite dip in the sales for the past 3-4 months, but I am sure they are on the rise again now.

What is your core passion and long-term vision behind designing jewellery?

It’s overwhelming to see people wearing something that is created by you and share your love with the world and that is the core passion which drives me to get up every day and create colourful pieces of jewellery with the same amount of enthusiasm over and over again. At present, we are creating jewellery using polymer clay but over a period of time, my vision is to incorporate different types of materials in our designs and create a name for us in the industry. I want TE to be known as a brand that offers exquisite jewellery each time.


Nishtha Goel, founder of Tripti's Exclusive Tripti's Exclusive

Do you face any struggles for sponsors to continue with your passion? 

We have not approached any one of them as of now. I am taking baby steps at it at the moment and hence, just re-investing whatever we earn out of the sales.

Social media platforms help us interact with people and other entrepreneurs, listen to their stores, get inspired from them to shape our vision. It’s a mode of going global with your ideas and reaching the audience beyond the boundaries of your nation, something which is not the case with print media 

Nishtha Goel, founder of Tripti's Exclusive Tripti's Exclusive

How did you overcome the initial challenges? 


Well, since it’s the start for us, challenges come more often than we would want them to, but yes we have overcome some and some we are still struggling with but one thing is for sure, we are one of the most optimistic bunch you will come across and that keeps us going each day.

Nishtha Goel, founder of Tripti's Exclusive Tripti's Exclusive -- Applique Radha Jhumka

What are the traits you use for the betterment of your company?

We rely on feedbacks to improve every aspect of our work. Each feedback is important and constructive for us. We discuss about it among ourselves and try and find the best possible solution for it. I believe there is no better way of learning and improving than by listening to what the customers of your product have to say about it.

In an era where everything is about the internet and being digital, online media platforms help us as entrepreneurs to reach out to a large number of people in a matter of minutes and present our ideas and vision to them

Nishtha Goel, founder of Tripti's Exclusive Tripti's Exclusive -- Applique Shiva Jhumka

What has been the most amazing moment so far as an entrepreneur?

Participating at LFW S/R 2017 has by far been the most amazing moment for the entire team. It was a dream come true to see our work on the ramp.

Share your experience of being one of the participants in the Lakme Fashion Week this year

Oh! Like I mentioned before, it was a dream come true. A surreal feeling which we would love to experience over and over again. The event is fun, grand, crazy, happy, full of energy and glamorous.

‘Women's Empowerment’ means the right to be educated and empowered to take our own decisions, make our own living, lead a life on our own terms, choose our own careers and be treated the same as any other individual having similar potential 


Nishtha Goel, founder of Tripti's Exclusive Tripti's Exclusive -- Meditating Krishna Necklace

Three tips for aspiring women entrepreneurs?

1) Believe in yourself and your vision before expecting others to invest their belief in it.

2) Be prepared to be rejected countless times before tasting success.

3) Never let success reach your brain and failure reach your heart.

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