How Much Do Women Love Bangalore?

Women In Bangalore

Bangalore, the air-conditioned city of India. Well, not so much anymore. The head is scorching in the summer months, even in Bangalore – something that was unheard of a decade ago. Bangalore has always known to have cool weather throughout the year, and if you minus summer months (March, April, May) then this is still true.

Apart from the weather, the Garden City has a lot more to offer. The cosmopolitan atmosphere, availability of restaurants and pubs, the diversity and the great work culture.

Most colleges of Bangalore are also known for their degrees as being one of the best in India. There’s a lot to love about this city, but what do women love about it?

We did a short survey where 30 women from Bangalore between the ages of 19 and 50 took part. Here are the results:

Why do women love Bangalore? A survey.

Why do women love Bangalore? A survey.

What do you love about Bangalore?

Bangalore is nice. There is greenery that’s all around besides the number of buildings that exist. It is the place where food chains and pubs exist equally I suppose, and it is different from the place I come from. Bangalore is brewing with fresh talent every day and my favourite part is the amount of stand-up comedians and DJs that gain recognition here.” – Magdaline Mackinnon, 21 

Love the diversity and work-life balance that Bangalore has to offer.” – Sushma Bharath, 35 

Bangalore is a city unlike any other city in India. It is very accepting of people from other states and is modern. It is a start-up hub and that benefits us because it makes our life convenient and easy. Anything and everything you can think of can be delivered to your doorstep.” – Shilpa, 34

Bangalore is my hometown, so I will always have a soft corner for it. Bangalore weather, the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the parks in each locality, the pubs and eating joints are some of my prime reasons for loving Bangalore!” – Malvika Kudva, 28 

Bangalore has a sense of comfort, unlike other big cities. It has a laid back approach to life, enabled with ample technology and resources. I love the greenery, the boutique food and drinks joints, in the lanes and by-lanes and the pleasant chilly ever drizzling weather, although it is fast fading.” – Rupalim Mahanta, 33

I love Bangalore’s weather and greenery.” – Dipti Sathe, 50

The city accepts different culture and diversity. But for the last few years, the entire image has been ruined because of some gruesome incidents. Women’s safety should be reckoned.” Ria Das, 27

Bangalore’s infrastructure needs improvement // Pic credits: India TV

How can Bangalore improve?

The roads, water supply, electricity in Bangalore are far from being satisfactory, and need to be improved.” – Sreejita, 30

Bangalore really needs to have a structured plan towards infrastructural development and needs to find a permanent solution to the never-ending traffic. We could also do with improved road quality, considering the amount of taxes we are paying! Measures also need to be taken to improve women’s safety, the New year’s Eve incident being a strong example of how safety for women has decreased over the years.” – Malvika Kudva, 28

Bangalore can definitely improve on traffic, increasing green spaces and sustainability.” – Sushma Bharath, 35

Bangalore can improve on more road safety and traffic policemen to be allotted even for the smallest of junctions where people crazily ride/drive with no road sense that could possibly cause accidents.” – Magdaline Mackinnon, 21

It is a gorgeous city, but is overcrowded now. The roads, traffic and metro connectivity needs to improve.” – Manasa, 27

Bangalore needs to work on infrastructure in a more modern way.” – Aswira, 24

Most women who took the survey were unanimous in terms of what Bangalore needs improving on. Infrastructure and women’s safety being the larger issues that need to be worked on to make Bangalore a better and safer city.

We also asked these women to rate these different categories about what makes Bangalore great, and here are the results:

Diversity 4.21/5
Safety 3.36/5
Food & Entertainment 4.32/5
Work Culture 3.89/5
Art & Culture 3.61/5
Medical Care 3.96/5
Schooling and College Life 3.86/5
Availability of Resources 4.00/5

The safety of women received the lowest score. There have been a few incidences in the last couple of years that have made women question their safety in Bangalore.

The safety of women received the lowest score. There have been a few incidences in the last couple of years that have made women question their safety in Bangalore. Especially the incident that happened during New Year’s Eve, where women were openly molested on a very popular and busy street has left people scarred. Although the issue of women’s safety is an India-wide issue – Bangalore can still be considered safer than Delhi.

Bangalore has the highest number of pubs in Asia // Pic credits: Kanigas

Food and entertainment got the highest rating – Bangalore is known for its restaurants and pubs. It is a booming business here, and people of all ages enjoy eating out and trying new cuisines and checking out new pubs. In fact, Bangalore has the highest number of pubs in the whole of Asia!

Through the survey, we were curious to find out why women like this city. There are a lot of things that need improvement, but there are also non-major things such as good weather, a good work-life balance that goes a long way to making women happy, and Bangalore is doing just that.

Pic credits: Amazing India Blog

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